SNOOPY Veterinary Clinic, The Planet of your Pet



In our canine hairdressing service all kinds of arrangements, commercial or exhibition, comfortable and current, always enhancing the beauty of the pet. We use all the techniques, stripping, trimming or scissor jobs, according to the need of the specimen, and always valuing the best for the animal.

In all of our arrangements we highlight the standard ones or in the case of the cross breed horses, we try to highlight their virtues.We always check the nails, if necessary, we remove the hair from the inside of the ears and empty the anal sacs. All this necessary for the proper hygiene of our pet.

For our customers we want the best, so we have chosen a high quality cosmetics, using the right shampoo and conditioner according to the hair or skin type.Our modern and safe facilities help us to work comfortably and to receive as they deserve our clients.